Video: New Houses Built in Solbong-ri of Kosan County

One hundred and tens of dwelling houses were built in Solbong-ri of Kosan County, Kangwon Province.

One-storied, two or three-storied and terraced modern dwellings were built at the foot of a picturesque hill with clear characteristics and elegant beauty of the local area. They have all conditions for providing the inhabitants with convenience in life.

A meeting was held on the 14th to congratulate the inhabitants moving to new houses built according to the far-reaching plan of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for rural construction.

Present there were Kim Su Gil, Chief Secretary of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the WPK, officials concerned, builders and agricultural workers of the Solbong Farm.

A congratulatory address was made by Chae Il Ryong, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, to be followed by speeches.

The speakers extended warm greetings of gratitude to Kim Jong Un who realizes the dreams and ideals of the people into reality, continuing his field guidance of devoted service for the people. They were determined to surely carry out the grain production plan every year and build their native place into a socialist paradise.

Officials congratulated those who were moving into new houses.

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