Usually, looking at a wonderful structure, people think first of the efforts of its designer and builders. Very often, however, they forget those who made efforts to supply materials needed for its construction.

Working people in the field of the building materials industry are making sincere efforts, whether or not they are appreciated, finding the pride of labour in the beautiful country which is changed day by day. Among them are the employees of the Taedonggang Aggregate Station.

The Taedonggang Aggregate Station with nearly 70-year-long history has made a contribution to building monumental edifices and dwelling houses in different parts of Pyongyang City in the past.

Now the employees of the station are making innovations in the production of aggregate to be sent to the major construction sites including the site for construction of 10,000 flats in the Hwasong area.

The workers in charge of aggregate production have prepared spare parts and useful jigs and conducted the technical management of the equipment including dredgers and towboats meticulously on a regular basis to ensure their full operation and increase their round-trip time.

The excavator operators are introducing the digging methods suited to the weather conditions and geographical features, bringing about good results.

The employees of the station are producing aggregate more than planned every day while fully displaying the spirit of helping and leading each other forward.

Those structures being built in different parts of the country are supported not by steel and concrete, but by patriotism of the working people devoting themselves to prosperity of the country as its cornerstone.

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