A Prominent Medical Worker in Plastic Surgery Sector

Professor and PhD Jo Hui Ju, lecturer at the general plastic surgery department of Medical Faculty No. 2 of Haeju College of Medical Sciences, is a meritorious medical worker who has rendered active services to the development of plastic surgery of the country.

Over the past six decades he has written over 20 kinds of textbooks and reference books, including “General plastic surgery,” “Special surgery,” “Allogeneic transplantation” and “Redress of the length of arms and legs.” He has also cured many patients who had suffered from post poliomyelitis paralysis, bone fracture and its aftereffects, various deformations and congenital and acquired malformations.

Medicine was his hope and dream. Here’s about why he majored in medicine.

When he was eight years old before the liberation of the country (August 15, 1945), his father died suddenly of an obscure contagious disease. Young as he was, he made a resolve to major in medicine.

After liberation, he came to realize his desire.

Thanks to the benefits of the state, he entered Hamhung College of Medical Sciences after graduating from primary and middle schools. During his college days, he specialized in bone and articulation system in the Medical Faculty under the guidance of Ri Yong Gu, academician, professor and PhD who was an authoritative surgeon in the country.

After graduation from the college in Juche 50 (1961), he was appointed a teacher of Haeju College of Medical Sciences which was newly established in the western area of the country.

He has contributed to education by writing many valuable papers such as “Research into treatment of arm and leg pseudoarthrosis by means of costa grafting surgery” and “Research into treatment of aftereffects of bone fracture,” and trained tens of academic degree and title holders.

Several years ago, a soldier of a People’s Army unit who had had a third-degree burn while on his military duty was taken to the South Hwanghae Provincial General Hospital.

The patient was in the worst condition. Jo Hui Ju, who was appointed the head of an intensive treatment team, grafted his skin and bone to the patient without hesitation, touching the heartstrings of people. Many medical workers, nurses, teachers and students of the college dedicated their skin and thus contributed to miraculously bringing the patient back to life.

Jo Hui Ju is a Merited Scientist of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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