Talented Artist Hwang Min

Hwang Min is one of the talented artists in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

He is the Head of the Korean Painting Production Unit of the Central Fine Arts Studio.

His father was also an artist of Korean painting.

In his childhood Hwang Min learned how to paint from his father. He was admitted to the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts as he hoped.

In his university days, he presented his Korean painting “Victory” to the National Fine Art Exhibition “Spirit of the Korean Young People” held during the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students and took the second place.

After graduating from the university, he began to work at the Central Fine Arts Studio and made a firm resolve to further develop the Korean painting associated with the wisdom and talents of the ancestors, following in the footsteps of his father.

He steadily improved his artistry with the attitude that skills are a fruition of inborn talent plus strenuous and passionate efforts.

He created thousands of practice works to master the technique showing the appearance of object and depictive intention by a single brush stroke.

He toured Mt. Paektu several times in order to vividly paint the mountain associated with the spirit of Korea and always found himself in the reality seething with creation and construction. In those days, he produced a lot of masterpieces including the Korean painting “Jong Il Peak in Winter” created by the single-stroke technique.

More than 100 paintings he created won prizes at and were selected for national fine art exhibitions and over 10 of them were registered as national possessions.

The talented artist Hwang Min with over 30 years of career is still working hard to further polish the traditional art of Korean painting.

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