Where Children’s Talents Are Brought Into Full Bloom

Thanks to the noble affection of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for the rising generation and the future, many establishments of nursing and upbringing the children have been built excellently and methods of education and edification been improved constantly in the DPRK to produce a lot of talented children.

Kuje Kindergarten in Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, was reconstructed on several occasions in the past, and recent reconstruction projects in 2014 and 2017 respectively spruced up its appearance.

It is a cozy, two-storey building with over ten education rooms, playing area, dance room, wading pool, infirmary and other facilities.

Along with modern educational conditions and environment for bringing up and educating preschool children, high pedagogical qualifications of the kindergarten teachers attract the attention of the parents.

The kindergarten has been widely known across the country since 15 years ago, for it has produced a lot of excellent children in composition, dance and national musical instruments.

Its teaching staff are well experienced in identifying children’s talents, however trivial.

Recently they are giving children elementary education in drawing, brush-writing, abacus, foreign language, paduk (Korean folk game), and violin and piano playing.

Children with talents and aptitudes are selected for compulsory and special education through deliberation of the kindergarten teachers.

It says, “To teach others one, you must know ten or a hundred.”

The kindergarten teachers are involved in the study-while-you-work system so as to acquire high qualifications no less inferior than experts in relevant fields.

Based on regular and detailed observation and analysis of the life of over 250 children under their charge, they direct much effort to creating new educational methods for them.

Many of the educational methods invented by the kindergarten teachers are so effective that they are widely applied to education.

Among them is a science game, which was developed by Kang Yong Ok, head of the kindergarten, and Kang Kum Sun, who was selected as the only teacher in the kindergarten sector among the top ten teachers of the last year. The game helps cultivate children’s intellectual faculty and develop their thinking and observation powers, and is now generalized across the country.

Children from Kuje Kindergarten are highly appreciated in national art and other contests of kindergarten children.

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