Important Issue for Improving the Quality of Products

Recently the electric and electronic medical appliances produced at the Pyongyang Electronic Medical Appliances Factory are enjoying popularity for their good quality.

The factory has directed big efforts to ensuring the quality of the products by raising the technical knowledge and skills of its employees now that it has been equipped with modern facilities for production and assembly according to processes.

It fixed the time of running the sci-tech learning space for every workteam and organized technical study and passing-on-technique in a substantial way so that the employees could actively use what they had learned in production.

It also encouraged its employees to acquire more sci-tech knowledge in the study-while-working educational system.

Along with it, technicians and skilled workers cooperated with each other to invent new technologies.

As a result, the factory has recently established the new automatic painting and welding processes with its own technical force, increasing the quality and productivity of the medical appliances.

The successes of the factory are conducive to tiding over the present public health crisis and strengthening the state anti-epidemic capacity.

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