Young Scientist in Metallurgical Engineering Sector

Dr. Kim Hye Sim, researcher at the Ferrous Metal Research Institute under the Metal Engineering Department of Kim Chaek University of Technology, is a competent scientist in the metallurgical engineering sector.

She has written several reference books such as “Q & A Book for Inductive Heat Treatment” and over ten essays on metallurgical engineering and brought up several persons with academic degrees, while making positive efforts to pioneer new subjects, improve the contents of education and create and introduce excellent teaching methods in the past.

Afterwards, she presented such valuable papers as “Technique of Using Domestic Graphite Electrode at UHP Electric Arc Furnace” which would be conducive to reducing the consumption of electrode and electricity, shortening the steel-making time and boosting productivity by relying on domestic raw materials. Her research findings stole the limelight of the metallurgical circle and proved effective in reality.

As a result, she has been awarded many certificates of introduction of sci-tech hits and inventions.

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