Small Nursery

There is a small nursery in Ryomyong Street of the capital city Pyongyang.

Growing there are saplings good for natural environment like juniper and fir, young fruit trees including peach, chestnut and black chokeberry and beautiful and fragrant young flowering plants such as rose.

The family members of Jong Hang Jin living in People’s Neighbourhood Unit No. 33, Ryomyong-dong, Ryomyong Street of Taesong District built the nursery with much effort and are cultivating saplings of good species.

While serving faithfully as an army doctor all his life, Jong Hang Jin planted and cultivated different species of trees at odd hours to study their influence on natural environment and people’s health and apply them to medical treatment and preventive work.

Based on his experiences, he has grown lots of saplings and medicinal herbs conducive to improving natural environment and people’s health since his discharge from military service.

Jong and his family members are cultivating hundreds of saplings of good species in the nursery.

They transplant them in streets or send them to several units.

Jong Hang Jin also calls at the Munsu Water Park, the Mirim Riding Club and other places and helps the employees in planting and cultivating trees while transferring his experiences and knowledge to them.

His children say that it has become a pleasant part of their daily routine to tend saplings in the nursery after work.

Though it is not big, the nursery represents the mind of Jong Hang Jin and his family members to turn the streets more beautiful and contribute to the afforestation of the country.

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