Potato Putting On a White Cap

A peculiar logo of the building of the Samjiyon Potato Farina Factory attracts visitors’ attention.

Looking at the logo which depicts the factory boasting of an appetizing potato putting on white cap, visitors feel a special emotion.

It was designed by Kim Jin Sun, section chief of the trademark design company at the Korean Industrial Design Studio.

Looking back upon the days when she racked her brains to design the logo of the factory in April Juche 105 (2016), she frequently says that it was easier said than done to create a trademark which would reflect the reality of the times and leave a deep impression on people.

She was always haunted by the thought of drawing the trademark.

One day, while reading several documents, she conceived an idea of introducing caricature into the designing. She buckled down to designing the trademark as she thought that caricaturing potato, a field crop, by personifying it would clearly show the appearance, features and contents of the modern factory and represent the daily-improving living standards of the Korean people with laughter and humour.

She designed the trademark of potato putting on a white cap on and giving a thumbs-up sign so as to explain the hygienic and cultural environment of the factory and give a visual description of potato that it is the “king” of all crops. She drew the potato’s left hand by linking the cascading potato farina with an oval line to show it with strength and speed, and thus made clear the features of the factory while ensuring a sense of stability of the logo. She did not miss to paint potato with yellowish brown colour to catch the eyes of people.

The design she completed with her unique and refined technique drew the admiration of the jury and was highly appreciated.

She presented many excellent designs conducive to the economic development of the country and the improvement of the people’s living standards in the national industrial design exhibition held every year in celebration of the Day of the Sun, stealing the public limelight.

Without resting on her laurels, she devotes her wisdom and enthusiasm to create in larger numbers excellent designs favoured by people.

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