A Woman Scientist Living for the Future

Green products are now being introduced into the field of agriculture in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, such as biopesticide with clear insecticidal effect and strong growth-promoting function, multi-functional and pollution-free natural bio-activator and ideal phytogenic seed processor.

They were developed by Yu Son Ok, Section Chief of the Botanical Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences.

More than 30 years ago, she conceived a plan to develop a new biopesticide doing no harm to the ecological environment by relying on domestic raw materials.

She had no special technology or experience.

But she took the difficult research task without hesitation, though she was not sure when she would succeed, as it had to be carried out by anybody at any cost for the agricultural development of the country.

She referred to a large literature, observed the insects’ reaction to the sap and extract of plants with insecticidal and bactericidal functions and decided on the mixing rate of various additives.

The research which started from zero is said to have been accompanied by successive trials and hardships.

So, the research which had been thought to be finished within two or three years took much longer than expected to prove successful.

As said above, Yu Son Ok pioneered the unknown world, looking far ahead into the future, and set the next-stage research goals purposefully.

She made painstaking efforts for the development of agricultural science of the country without expecting honour or reward. In the course of it, she developed the natural bio-activator, phytogenic seed processor and other hi-tech products of high economic effectiveness one after another.

In those days, she was awarded the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, the highest sci-tech prize of the country, and became a Merited Scientist and a woman scientist recognized by the world scientific circles.

She says:

“It is the seed of my research to further develop the already-made biopesticide and bio-fertilizer to cope with any disastrous abnormal weather.”

Section Chief Yu Son Ok is nearing 70, but she is expanding the scope of her research with tireless pursuit and passion. People call her a woman scientist living for the future.

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