Turf Researchers

Turf plays an important role in the urban afforestation and the protection of the ecological environment.

In recent years the level of people’s cultural life has got higher. Accordingly, the social interest in turf is growing day by day and the research for breeding new varieties of turf gets more active.

The Pyongyang Turf Institute is one of the advanced units in breeding and introducing different varieties of turf suited to the climatic and soil conditions of Korea.

The institute achieved a lot of successes in breeding tens of new varieties of turf and making researches for enhancing the ornamental effect of beautiful turf of Korea and increasing its green days.

Besides, it studied and completed a compound fertilizer and nutrient solution for making the turf green which are needed for the cultivation of turf. The compound fertilizer and nutrient solution are effective for the cultivation of green plants including crops as well as turf. They are winning popularity at those units which introduced them.

Now the institute is intensifying researches with the main stress on solving the technical issues arising in breeding and cultivating varieties of turf which are evergreen and have strong resistance to cold and tread yet good ornamental effect.

Researchers of the Pyongyang Turf Institute are making devoted efforts, well aware of the importance of their responsibility and duty in making the streets, villages and workplaces beautiful, adding beauty to the cities and providing clean ecological environment and conditions for cultural and emotional life.

Beautiful green landscapes can be seen everywhere in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea thanks to such researchers who are devoting all their patriotic enthusiasm to making this land greener and more beautiful.

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