They Build Up Treasure Mountains

Most of territory is mountains in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. There are a lot of plant resources with great economic value including wood plants, wild fruit plants, oil-bearing plants, medicinal plants and aromatic plants. Active efforts are made at the forest science institutes to make an effective use of the economic plant resources and protect and increase them.

The Jagang Provincial Forest Science Institute intensified the research for getting plant resources peculiar to the climatic and soil conditions of the province.

In recent years, researchers of the institute have adapted trees with great economic value including hawthorn and black chokeberry to the climatic conditions of the province. In addition, they have succeeded in acclimatizing a choice variety of chestnut and also opened a prospect to create a forest of such trees in various ways.

They are now directing great efforts to the research for planting new species of trees in the mountains of the province, which would give substantial benefits to the people.

Director Choe Pyong Yun says:

“Our institute is producing many saplings of oil-bearing chestnut in order to solve the oil problem of the province. We are also producing saplings of Chinese gooseberry by tissue culture, which have been completely acclimatized to the province.

It is impossible to grow walnut trees in Jagang Province. To solve the problem, we grafted walnut on black walnut and it is at the stage of acclimatization.”

It is a valuable dream of the researchers of the institute to turn all the mountains of the province into treasure mountains. They are working hard to realize their dream.

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