Dairy Products Increase

The Kyenam Livestock Farm in Kyenam-ri, Sinwon County, South Hwanghae Province is increasing production of dairy products.

The farm has a favourable condition for stockbreeding as 80% of the area is covered by forests. It raises superior strains of goats with strong vitality on a large scale.

It has established a goat-breeding system of using a progressive crossing and artificial insemination techniques and increased the weight and breeding coefficient of goats, with the result that it produces thousands of superior strains of kids every year.

It also established a feed production and supply system according to the nutritive conditions of superior strains of goats and put their breeding on a scientific footing.

It directs efforts to the anti-epizootic work to ensure the number of mother goat and produce hundreds of tons of milk annually.

It produces fresh, tasty and highly nutritious yogurt and milk powder every day with such milk processing equipment as milk powder equipment based on an ultrasonic-spray dryer.

Its dairy products are supplied to children in nurseries and kindergartens in the province on a regular basis.

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