For Youth and Beauty

“Hukjinju (black pearl)”-brand cosmetics are winning popularity these days.

They were developed eight years ago by Son Ryon Hwa at the Hukjinju Beauty Goods Production Station.

Their main ingredients were extracted from sulfur mud of the Kwangryang Bay on the west coast of Korea, which is estimated as the first-class peloid in the country.

The sulfur mud contains abundant macro- and micro-elements of over 80 kinds including essential amino acid, vitamins and organic matter. It is said to be specially efficacious for activation of metabolism, invigoration of immunological functions, tissue regeneration, anti-aging of cells and treatment of inflammation and various skin diseases.

Soap is the first product Son Ryon Hwa made with the sulfur mud.

Listening to favorable public comment on its quality and experts’ talk about its effect on beauty treatment, she made up her mind to develop functional cosmetics with useful components of the mud.

Since then, various products such as freshener, lotion, cream, sauna gel and hair nourishment have been developed one after another.

The “Hukjinju”-brand products gradually became well-known for their good skin improvement effects of whitening, anti-aging and treatment, winning popularity in national and international expositions and exhibitions.

Today Son Ryon Hwa is working harder for youth and beauty of the people and quality improvement of the products.

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