Basketball Team of Working Women

Most of employees of the Phyongchon District general grocer’s shop are married women.

The basketball team of the shop consists of women who are caring mothers for their family members as well as kind saleswomen loved by other people. They have been renowned in the district for basketball.

How could they possess basketball skills?

It is said that they began to direct efforts to playing basketball about 10 years ago. At that time, a basketball match among units was organized in the district.

Its employees started training basketball hard in their leisure hours, saying that why they could not play basketball and they would take the first place in the match.

Not only young women but the aged took part in the training to learn basketball skills.

Their victory in a game whetted the zeal of employees for basketball. Not only players but rooters played the game with a single mind.

Players made redoubled efforts to polish up their skills with a resolve to win another game in order to exalt the honour of their shop.

Thanks to their painstaking efforts, the team finally distinguished itself in the game in the district, and their shop was awarded the title of Model Sports Unit.

In those days, they promoted the spirit of unity, displaying the traits of helping and leading each other forward. They became more enthusiastic about their job, thus bringing about achievements in the goods supply for the residents.

They play various sports games such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis and tug of war on days off.

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