Clean Atmosphere Is Future of Humanity

By comrade Pak Song Chol, director of the Ecological Environment Institute of the Global Environment Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University

At present, it arises as an issue of urgency to prevent air pollution and improve air quality.

According to the World Health Organization, over 13,000,000 persons around the world die every year due to the aftermath of environmental pollution. Among them, 7,000,000 are losing their lives because of various diseases due to the air pollution.

Excessive use of fossil energy, concentration of population in the urban areas and increase of vehicles are the main cause of air pollution.

So, the international community recognizes the necessity for making sustained efforts for clean air and is directing primary efforts to this end.

The “International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies” (September 7), an annual event, becomes an important occasion for raising the awareness to improve air quality and encourage activities to this end and promoting international cooperation for clearing air.

Our country sets environmental protection as an important undertaking to promote the people’s health and ensure their safety and guarantee the future of humanity, and channels great efforts into realizing it.

Last year, it conducted the work of amending and supplementing in a comprehensive way the Law of the DPRK on Prevention of Air Pollution and other related laws, and is now legally guaranteeing their implementation.

It surveys and controls the overall situation of forests and other ecological environment and takes prompt measures to cope with their changes according seasons and years.

It is updating environment standards and strengthening the control over the sources of air and other pollutants, and makes sure that environmental impact is strictly estimated prior to development and construction.

It encourages all the people to turn out in tree planting every spring and autumn to cover all the mountains with green foliage and make use of solar, wind and water power and other sources of renewable energy in electric production so as to reduce air pollution.

Our institute is conducting the scientific research to prevent environmental pollution of the Hamhung area and other main industrial cities by developing a method of determining spatial representative area of air monitoring points and a monitoring network design method.

We will further intensify our study to create clean air by making a detailed survey of the overall and regional ecological environment situation of the country and scientifically assessing the ecological environment safety.

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