Brisk Early Musical Education

It is necessary to find out an instinct of children in time in their early years so as to fully develop their talents.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea there is a well-planned early education system to train future musicians.

Early musical education is the first stage of the professional education to lay the musical foundation of children.

More music classes were newly organized at various kindergartens in the capital Pyongyang last year to train future musicians, providing conditions to further strengthen the early musical education. As a result, more children with musical talents in the bud came to be found out and given scientific and systematic musical education from their childhood.

A music class for early education was also organized at Tongmun Kindergarten No. 1 in Taedonggang District.

The kindergarten teaches children various kinds of musical instruments including the piano, violin, Oungum, kayagum and cello.

There are Department Head Ryom Son Ok and other teachers with rich experience in teaching and a teacher who had taught music prodigies at the Kyongsang Kindergarten well-known for its good early musical education.

Children trained by Ryom Son Ok were highly estimated at national festivals every year for more than 10 years. She also brought up children who can play two musical instruments skilfully and enabled them to perform on the stage of talented children, enjoying the admiration of people.

Ryom Son Ok says: “I feel a great pride when I consider myself to be an educator of the first course of educating children.

We have achieved some successes, but we have more things to do. Our teachers should improve their qualifications, learn after the experiences of the advanced units and study teaching work and method a lot.

Now they are devoting themselves to finding out the children with an instinct for art and bringing them up as good artistic talents.”

There are many talented children in the kindergarten including a child with good ear, a child who has a bright future as a violinist, though it is not long after he started to learn the violin, a kayagum player and piano prodigies.

Teachers correctly know the characteristics of every child and teach execution according to them.

They are making efforts to find out the children with talents in the bud and develop their talents.

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