Disabled Persons

Once-Disabled Girl Becomes College Student

Pak U In (pictured, center), a girl student of Pyongyang College of Medical Sciences, was disabled and housebound ten years ago.

At that time she did not imagine that she could be a student.

She would enviously gaze out of the window at the frolicking children of the same age. And then one day 11 years ago, she keenly felt deep gratitude toward the socialist system.

“You want to go to school, don’t you?”

A teacher who came from Jesan Primary School in Hyongjesan District, Pyongyang, for a survey of school-age children asked U In, and the girl nodded. She knew well her physical defect and tears welled in her eyes as she quietly covered her legs with her skirt.

“The teacher came again the following day, told my child to get on her back and left for school. I can never forget the sight of my daughter going to school for the first time on the teacher’s back,” recalled Pak’s mother Won Ok Sun.

Since then on the woman teacher had taken the girl with disability to and from Jesan Primary School piggyback every day, rain or snow.

The teacher was Ham Ok Suk.

Ham paid attention to teaching U In every subject well and, whenever the girl made progress in her study, the teacher was glad as much as her parents would be. She also brought her new school things and nutritious foods and would massage her legs on her laps at break between lessons.

In that way the teacher was devoted to Pak for years.

And while undergoing intensive treatment at the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital for nearly two years, she was under the devoted care of medical workers and other obliging people who were strangers to her, and she finally became able to walk.

Through the sincere devotion of those regarding her misfortune as their own, she felt deep gratitude toward the socialist society in which everyone lives in good harmony, showing warm love and affection to one another.

Therefore, she wrote a thank-you letter to General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The DPRK leader read her letter and sent a written reply wishing her a happy future.

Later, Pak attended the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union and was honoured with having a photo taken with him.

Her mother gratefully said that her present attendance at the medical college was unthinkable apart from the socialist system which brought hope and happiness to the girl who had been in gloom and showed her immense love.

Lots of people still care for her health and life at the college dormitory, lest she should have any inconvenience, while U In studies hard to be an excellent doctor and return the favour from all.

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