In the Van

Pae Ji Song is studying at the postgraduate course of the Faculty of Physics of Kim Il Sung University.

Now he is 24 years old.

Five years ago he started the study of nonlinear optics.

Nonlinear optics is cross science studying the correlation between light and substance. It is one of the advanced sciences.

Busy as he was with the undergraduate course, he read through eight special books on that field in three months and took up its study.

In spite of repeated failures, he didn’t give up but made valuable successes.

In the course, he contributed a number of treatises to authoritative international scientific journals and was awarded a master’s degree in 2019 and doctorate in 2021.

The consciousness that the young people should take the lead in the work for prosperity of the country compelled him to study advanced science with tireless enthusiasm.

Thanks to such young scientists as Pae Ji Song, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is leading the world in the intellectual competition and making ultramodern equipment with its own efforts.

A lot of patriotic young people are performing feats, creating new norms and new records in all sectors of the society as well as the scientific and technological field.

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