Public Establishments

Aquarium of the Central Zoo

Passing through the tiger-shaped entrance to the Central Zoo, situated at the foot of Mt Taesong in Pyongyang, and over a pond with bridges in all directions, the first conspicuous building is an aquarium.

With a total floor space of over 5,300 square metres and water capacity of 2,000 cubic metres (1,500 cubic metres of sea water), the aquarium has 32 water tanks including the underwater tunnel with 900 cubic metres of water and shark tank with 300 cubic metres of water. It houses wide varieties of fish, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates, numbering about 5 700 in nearly 250 species, and among them are nearly 2,000 sea fishes in over 90 species.

The walls and floors at the entrance of the aquarium are bluish, making the visitors feel as if they enter the underwater world.

In the freshwater fish tanks are seen fish species native to the temperate zone such as sturgeon, grass carp and rainbow trout, and such tropical fishes as flatfish of Amazon River, electric eel and piranha.

After passing the section depicting beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers, visitors enter the six-metre-long cave that recreates the seabed of four hundred million years ago and then the 20-metre-long underwater tunnel, the culmination of the tour.

At the tunnel section people are excited at the magnificent view of the contact tank recreating the seascape, and their thrill continues until they reach the section of green and other turtles and the section of penguins.

In the aquarium are seen illustration boards showing common knowledge in fish, protection and proliferation of aquatic resources, and distribution map of domestic aquatic resources.

The aquarium serves as a base for cultural and leisure activities of the people as well as the education. This is why it becomes a magnet for people.

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