Young People Called Experts in Vegetables

A youth workteam is found at the Rihyon Vegetable Cooperative Farm in Sadong District.

Officials and farmers of the farm call the young people of the workteam experts in vegetable and agriculture.

Then how could they be called so, though they were short of experience in farming?

While giving field guidance to a vegetable cooperative farm in June Juche 104 (2015), the respected Kim Jong Un stressed the need to produce a lot of vegetables of various kinds and make the farmers experts in vegetable and agriculture.

Since then, they set a high target.

First of all, the workteam mapped out the plan of running the agricultural sci-tech learning space again after its detailed analysis and organized a proper work to acquire knowledge of new agricultural science and technology. In addition, the workteam enrolled more than 10 young people in the online education system so that they could take the lead in studying and disseminating the agricultural science and technology.

It also put efforts into introducing new science and technology on the basis of the acquirement with them. In the course, it developed and introduced nutrient solution and growth promoter by itself to realize five cropping in the greenhouse vegetable production, putting the vegetable production on a higher scientific and intensive basis.

All members of the youth workteam have grown to be experts in every work.

They include a teenage girl and young men just on the wrong side of 20.

The youth workteam produced vegetables in a scientific and technological way and as a result, it took the first place of the farm in the vegetable production last year.

Workteam Head Hwang Tok Hyon says: “Of course, we are called experts in vegetable and agriculture. But it is still far from having such appellation.

In the future, too, we will take the lead in launching a drive for scientific farming on the basis of last year’s experience.

At the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the respected Kim Jong Un presented the medium- and long-term development strategies, main tasks and specific ways to attain the grand goals for rural development according to the actual conditions and demand of the times for the overall development of Korean-style socialist construction.

We will always stand in the van of implementing the new program of socialist rural construction.”

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