Torch Given to Young People

An evening gala and torchlight procession of youth and students in Pyongyang City took place at Kim Il Sung Square in the capital on October 10, Juche 84 (1995) in celebration of the 50th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The great leader Kim Jong Il came out to the square and handed over a torch representing his deep trust in and expectation for the young people.

Those who received the torch on behalf of the young people were a youth league official of Kim Il Sung University and a girl who had volunteered to work in the countryside from the capital.

Yun Hui Sop, Director of a Bureau of the Education Commission, says: “I can never forget the glorious day when I received the torch from the great leader Kim Jong Il.

At that time, I valiantly pledged loyalty to him on behalf of the youth and students across the country.

Kim Jong Il said the torch he had given represented the great trust and expectation of the Party that the young people should carry forward the revolutionary cause of Juche to completion through generations.

Elated by his deep trust, young people volunteered to work in challenging and difficult sectors of the socialist construction and built a lot of monumental structures.”

The latter half of the 1990s was the grimmest period to the Korean people. They had to overcome hardships and difficulties beyond imagination.

Korean young people, however, devoted all their strength and passion to the major construction sites including the railway construction and electrification projects which were of great significance in the economic development.

Especially, they built the 40-odd kilometre-long Youth Hero Motorway in over 700 days, breaking rocks with hammers and chisels when the mechanical means were insufficient.

The torch given by Kim Jong Il to the young people is firmly carried forward as the baton of revolution.

It represents his deep trust and expectation that the young people should become the undying torch of the revolution. The torch is kept in the hearts of the young people, leading them to perform feats.

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