Thankful for the Socialist Health System

By Hong Jong Chol (pictured), official of the Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea

Not long ago, I left the hospital of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences amid a warm send-off by medical workers of the hospital’s neurosurgery department.

I had two major operations in the hospital in March and December last year.

From the early days of last year, my right eyesight became poor, and sometimes I suffered from hallucinosis. Such symptoms gradually grew worse. Then, in late February, I was rushed to the hospital in a coma.

Some people said that I was a hopeless case.

After several rounds of collective diagnosis of my condition, medical workers of the neurosurgery department came to the conclusion that I had a big hypophysoma.

I was put under intensive treatment first for 12 days until I became able to have an operation. It was the pituitary tumour surgery on lateral endonasal transsphenoidal approach.

I heard later that it was an advanced high-tech operation to prevent encephalic damage and reduce the post-operation burden on the patient.

After the four-hour-long operation, the treatment of me continued in the intensive care room.

I was continuously injected with various medicines needed for my recovery, and Ri Nam Hyok in charge of me and other doctors and nurses continued to keep watch on my health conditions, measuring my blood pressure and pulsation and examining my oxigram, the number of my breaths and so on.

Thanks to their great sincerity, I recovered in a fortnight and left the hospital.

When I went back to work, lots of people were surprised to see me. But my right eyesight began to fail me again since late September, and I had to have a second operation on December 20.

The medical workers treated me as sincerely as before, and the operation was successful.

During two rounds of hospital treatment, I got all medical services free of charge.

I keenly realized the excellence of our social system through the fact that our country spares no money for the public health sector although everything is in short supply due to the world-sweeping deadly pandemic and that medical workers make devoted efforts for the revival of patients.

I thank the socialist health care system, and I will work harder for my country.

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