Nature, Recycling, Afforestation, & Green Energy

People Creating Dense Forests

A vast expanse of forests in Hoechang County of South Pyongan Province arouses admiration of everyone.

After the mid-1990s when the country was on the Arduous March, the county had lost no small area of its forests.

With the advent of the new century, officials of the county made good arrangements and enlisted all institutions, enterprises and people in waging a forest restoration campaign.

The county forest management station renovated a tree nursery on a modern basis to supply various species of tree saplings in sufficient numbers for the tree-planting months every spring and autumn.

A correct plan for afforestation was mapped out on the principle of planting the right trees in the right soil and as suited to the geographical features in the county.

On the basis of scientific analysis of the mountains in the county, which are mostly rocky, cliffy and steep, and covered with shallow soil, fast-growing trees like larch were planted in the places with deep soil, and pine and other dwarf trees like hazel in the areas with shallow soil or full of rocks.

Thanks to their efforts, the survival rate of trees and the speed of afforestation increased, and that instilled a sense of pride and confidence into the county people.

The county has set the forest restoration plan 1.3 times higher than the national standard and carried it out every year. As a result, over ten thousand hectares of forests were created and mountains previously dotted with shabby patches turned into thickly-wooded forests in recent ten years. And the mass-based system of forest protection has prevented the forests from being damaged by fire and other accidents.

Now people in Hoechang County are actively participating in the work to turn all the mountains in their county into “gold mountains” and “treasure mountains” with a noble sense of civic duty. Their efforts are making the landscape of the county more attractive with each passing year.

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