Development, Creation and Pride

“The computer virus vaccine ‘Jiu’ has high virus-scanning speed and specially good performance of unknown virus detection.”

“The computer virus vaccine ‘Jiu’ is good to use as it provides various tools and functions convenient for use.”

These are the comments given by users. The computer virus vaccine “Jiu” was developed by the Jiu Economic Technology Development Company.

Developers of the company presented the computer virus vaccine “Jiu” 1.0 in December Juche 108 (2019).

As soon as it was developed, the vaccine drew the attention of users for its high function of detecting the latent virus and very strong self-protecting ability.

The developers buckled down to another research, not resting content with their first achievement.

In order to further enhance the virus-detecting function and add another tools and functions required by users they made discussions on tens of occasions to solve difficult technical problems one by one.

Finally, they could update the vaccine in a little over one year and the computer virus vaccine “Jiu” 2.0 developed by them was estimated in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as one of the 10 best IT products in 2021.

It was a valuable fruition brought by their constant speculation and pursuit aspiring after the new and by their high ability they got by studying hard, saving every minute and second.

This best IT product was developed by young people in their 20s.

Ri Un Hyok, Section Chief of the Jiu Economic Technology Development Company, says: “We feel a pride of being developers when the people’s interest in the computer virus vaccine ‘Jiu’ grows, the number of its users is on the increase and it is popular among them.

Not resting on our laurels, we have set a higher target and are intensifying our research.

The preparations for its update are now at the final stage and we are going to complete it at an early date.”

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