Salutation at Fish Processing Plant

The respected Kim Jong Un visited Fishery Station No. 18 on November 18, Juche 103 (2014).

Fish was cascading in the landing place and the holds of fishing boats in the wharf, cold storage and pickling storehouse were full of fish.

At the outdoor processing plant, women were sorting out piles of freshly caught fish. They were the wives of fishermen.

Beaming all over his face, Kim Jong Un made a bow to them first.

He highly estimated their services, saying they were transporting and processing fish voluntarily and it was admirable that they devoted their sincere efforts in the interests of the collective.

And he turned up his thumb to praise the employees of the fishery station and their families as patriots.

At the moment, those working at the fish processing plant raised cheers of “Hurrah!” all at once.

Looking at them one by one, Kim Jong Un began to move and kindly made another bow to them following him.

The bow he made to the ordinary women at the fish processing plant was a special affection for and warm encouragement to the faithful women at a port on the east coast who think of the country before their families.

Categories: Anecdotes, Narrated

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