Marine Resources Increase

Increasing the marine resources is one of the important issues in improving the people’s diet.

Jong In Ho, Director of a Department of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, says: “Unlike the underground resources, the marine resources are periodically multiplied and reproduced. Any remarkable success in protecting and increasing the marine resources cannot be expected in a couple of days. The marine resources of the country will increase when everybody takes part in the work as befitting its master.”

Fish farms in Pyongyang City have made achievements in the work to increase the marine resources.

A number of fish-breeding stations in the city have established new breeding methods to produce a lot of Aristichythys nobilis and grass fish and release them into the Taedong River.

They raised the actual extraction rate in spawning and hatching according to the kinds of fishes and channelled efforts on the production of protein-rich feed by Hermetia illucens to increase the surviving rate and weight increment of fry.

Especially, the Taedonggang Fish Breeding and Spawning Station introduced an advanced artificial fertilization method for scientific and technological hatching. It also bred millions of silver carps by ensuring ideal water temperature and water quality favourable for the growth of fry.

The Taedonggang Shellfish Farm actively introduced profitable fish breeding methods according to its characteristics to produce and release millions of fry and shellfish.

As a result, over 15 million fry have been recently released into rivers including the Taedong and Pothong Rivers.

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