Magic Performances Keep Surprising and Amusing Audiences

A new magic performance of the National Circus is giving great pleasure to the people in the New Year.

“Happiness and joy are the common feeling of all the people who greet the New Year. That is why we made mystery run through the performance to surprise and amuse the audience in the hope that all the families of the country are filled with merry laughter and achieve astonishing successes,” said Kim Chol, section chief of the magic department of the National Circus who is winner of the Kim Il Sung Prize and People’s Artiste.

Starting with fantasy “Conjurer vanishes”, the performance makes the audience spellbound from the beginning to keep them in suspense, and such magic numbers as rapport “Rope trick” and comic “Wonders in the box” fill the audience with laughter and optimism.

Fantasy “Flying away the motorcycle”, in which a motorcycle and actors and actresses in a container disappear in the air in a moment and appear on the stage from a wing, climaxes the performance.

“I could not take my eye off the stage even a moment. Most of performers’ skills are really on the high level though they are new faces,” said Han Song Guk living in Central District, Pyongyang.

The performance is characterized by high speed, good rhythm and the application of various technical skills and sci-tech successes.

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw the magician passed a hand through a glass table. The magic world is really mysterious,” said Kim Il Hyok, resident of Sanghung-dong of Sosong District in Pyongyang.

Another success of the performance is that it preserves well the sense of reality, the spirit of serving the people and national identity by using things that are commonly used in everyday life such as clothes, bolt and nut and yut-game board.

The other charm of the show is that it has built a close rapport with the audience to achieve perfect harmony between the entertainers and the audience drawing the latter deep into the magic world.

“I did not know how the time passed as all works were non-repetitive and distinctive. I want to see the performance again with my family,” said Yun Jong Hui, resident of Thongilgori-dong No. 2 of Rangnang District in Pyongyang.

Categories: Culture, Festivities

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