High-Yielding Workteam Leader

In autumn over ten years ago, Choe Chol (pictured) was appointed the leader of workteam No. 2 of Puhung Cooperative Farm, Unsan County, North Phyongan Province. He felt a sense of heavy responsibility.

It was because grain output of the workteam was not high in the farm and its members were in low spirits as most of its fields were low-yielding ones.

In the meeting of reviewing the farming that year, he proposed a grain production target to be carried out by his workteam next year.

But there were more people who were doubtful of it.

He called on them: If we masters of this land yield to difficulties, what would our next generation say? Let all of us become high-yielding innovators so that other farmers would envy our workteam.

His workteam members turned out as one.

He first inspired his members to improve the fertility of all fields.

Emulation between sub-workteams was launched and the farmers did not mind going to any distant places at night when they were informed of something conducive to improving the soil fertility.

Bearing in mind that the key to increasing grain production is science and technology, he energetically pushed ahead with the work to introduce scientific farming methods.

Following his example, his farmers buckled down to learning from the experience of leading units and studying the advanced farming techniques.

In the course of this, his workteam prepared organic fertilizers and liquid nutrients suited to its actual situation by itself and established a food production cycle based on crop farming and stockbreeding by increasing the number of domestic animals.

In this way, all his workteam members turned out in farming in reliance upon their own strength. As a result, they systematically increased per-hectare yields up to over eight tons every year on the fields where they had produced only two tons in the past.

His workteam became a high-yielding workteam well-known across the country.

He said: The seed in the soil is invisible, but it bears silent witness to how much we are making devoted efforts for the soil. So, we dedicate our sincere efforts and pure conscience to the land, when sowing seeds.

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