For Supremacy in the Aerial Stunt

“World’s best aerial stunt”, “A flower of world circus” and “A mysterious aerial stunt of Korea”–these are the world’s comments on the aerial stunt of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Here is Choe Song Il, Deputy Head of the National Acrobatic Troupe: “The aerial stunt of Korea is called a symbol of Korean circus in the world acrobatic circles.”

The level of aerial stunt is estimated according to how many times an acrobat turns in the air.

The world saw the aerial stunt of the DPRK anew at the Eighth World Acrobatics Championships held in London of Britain in November Juche 72 (1983).

At that time, three-turn somersault was the highest record in the world’s aerial stunt.

At the championships, acrobats of the DPRK performed three-and-a-half somersault, breaking the records of the countries which boasted of themselves in the history of aerial stunt.

But they did not rest content with it.

Their goal was to win the world championship in the aerial stunt.

Since then the Korean acrobats have made a constant leap forward toward the apex of aerial stunt.

In those days, they created stunts like mythology in the world history of aerial stunt one after another such as four-turn forward somersaults, somersault with four cartwheels and five-turn forward somersaults.

It was not easy to hit the new goal demanding the performance of difficult movements.

But their ardent desire and painstaking efforts to glorify the aerial stunt of Korea on the highest peak of the world made it possible to achieve success.

Afterwards, the circus pieces of the DPRK have won best prizes at the world-famous circus festivals including the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and the Wuqiao International Circus Festival of China. The world watched the developed aerial stunt of Korea with wonder and admiration.

The acrobats are still seeking new goals.

Acrobat Kim Hak at the National Acrobatic Troupe says: “It is our goal to pioneer a new frontier of aerial stunt nobody can match by making impossibility possible and flying higher. We’ll do our best to realize it.”

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