Foreign Affairs

U.S. is Kingdom of Human Trafficking Disqualified Even to Pick on Others

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
January 9, Juche 111 (2022)

Recently, the U.S. has picked on our country, China, Russia, Cuba, Syria and other anti-US countries claiming them that they are the “states of human trafficking”.

Before commenting on human trafficking, we want to ask the U.S. politicians, who are in the habit of speaking ill of others without any reason, whether they ever read a historical novel “Roots”.

The novel was written in 1976 and is widely known as the best work in the American literature on black people. The work shows a deep historical picture that the past of the U.S., which is bloodstained with the extermination of native Americans and the slave trade of the black people, is namely the historical root of the American society.

Today, that roots have branched out into all kinds of trunks and boughs of forced labor, sexual slavery and kidnapping of children, forming a giant tree of human trafficking. This is just the actual condition of the American society.

According to data, there are approximately 500,000 child farmworkers and over 300,000 women and children are victims of sexual slavery in the U.S. Up to 100,000 people were trafficked into the U.S. for forced labor annually over the past 5 years.

It is by no means accidental that the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China ridiculed the U.S. some time ago saying that it is always trying to prescribe medicines for other countries even though its body is twined around with a chronical disease of human rights and that the U.S., which has a stack of evil deeds in the issue of human rights, has no right to judge other countries.

The reality clearly shows that the U.S. is commonly acknowledged to be the kingdom of human trafficking and that it is the criminal state of human rights that deserves to look back on its bloodstained traces in human trafficking before finding fault with others.

If Alex Haley who dug up the crime-ridden history of the U.S. foundation is still alive, he would continue to create a series of “Roots” to expose and denounce once again the reactionary nature of the American society, the worst kingdom of human trafficking in the world.

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