Precious Guideline

The respected Kim Jong Un has conducted energetic ideological and theoretical activities while leading the Workers’ Party of Korea.

He made public many works last year, including “On the Important Tasks for Strengthening Party Cells at Present” and “Let Us Further Improve and Strengthen the Party Work in Line with the New Period of Development of Socialist Construction”, clearly elucidating the issues arising in the Party building and activities.

Researcher Kim Ryu Chol at the Academy of Social Sciences says: “The respected Kim Jong Un guided a lot of Party meetings in 2021 to make the Workers’ Party of Korea successfully perform its mission and role as the leading political organization of the revolution.

Those meetings were run through with the love for the people and the lines advanced there served as a precious guideline for strengthening and developing the Party.”

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, cities and counties constitute terminal units in the execution of the Party policies and its guidance. The Party policies are conveyed to all people through cities and counties and their duty is very important in enhancing the leadership ability of the Party.

Therefore, Kim Jong Un organized a short course for chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees, the first of its kind in the history of the Party, in March Juche 110 (2021).

In the short course, he stressed that the city and county Party committees are the political General Staff organizing and guiding all the work in the regions concerned, whereas the Party Central Committee is the supreme General Staff of the Korean revolution, and that the chief secretaries of the city and county Party committees play an important role in leading the development of their regions. And he said the people actually feel the dignity and authority of the Party Central Committee and the love and trust of the motherly Party through the working methods and styles of the county Party committees, their chief secretaries in particular.

As the human body is strong when its cells fulfil their functions correctly, so the party can be a militant one when its cells play their roles properly.

The WPK has regularly held conferences of cell secretaries in order to strengthen the cell, an organization at the lowest echelon.

The Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries took place in early April last year.

Guiding the conference, Kim Jong Un made clear that it is the most important task for strengthening the Party cells at present to turn all of them into healthy and viable cells which are closely knitted in bonds of human feelings.

And he presented an idea on Party building that the WPK should become the true servant of the people.

October 10, Juche 110 (2021) was the 76th founding anniversary of the WPK. Kim Jong Un gave a lecture on the occasion of the day.

He put emphasis on the principles, ways and styles of work to be thoroughly maintained by the leading Party officials.

The lecture was of great significance in vigorously propelling the building of Korean-style socialism by further strengthening and developing the Party building, Party activities and Party work as a whole.

The leadership ability and fighting efficiency of the WPK could be radically improved thanks to the precious guideline for the Party building and activities provided by Kim Jong Un.

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