Happiest Day

There are peculiar structures depicting sailing boats cutting their way through the waves on the scenic east coast of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They are the camp built for schoolchildren in Kangwon Province.

Covering the area of 16.8 hectares, the camp has two blocks of campers’ houses, dining hall, bathing resort, assembly hall, gymnasium, playground with an outdoor stage, swimming pool with a diving cistern and water slide, and roller-skating rink.

The respected Kim Jong Un gave instructions on renovating the camp, guided its blueprints several times and solved all problems arising in the project.

When the camp was completed, he came out to the spot.

He said he had been very glad to hear that another extracurricular educational base was built for children and added that he is happiest when he is informed of erection of structures for the children.

It was December 6, Juche 105 (2016).

Hence the name – December 6 Children’s Union Camp in Kangwon Province.

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