Flowers Bloom in Midwinter

From the beginning of the New Year, one of the most popular destinations of visitors is the flower exhibition house situated in Ryugyong-dong No. 1, Pothonggang District, Pyongyang.

“Flowers are indispensable in emotional life. A stream of visitors is continuously flowing to our exhibition house from the morning of the New Year’s Day as if they all want to live like beautiful flowers in the promising new year,” said Ri Su Jong, a saleswoman of the exhibition house.

According to her, many of the visitors buy dried flowers, saying they will decorate their houses and office rooms with them.

On display on the ground floor were various distinctive ornaments made with varieties of flowers including globe amaranth, cockscomb, rose, carnation and chrysanthemum that just seem to give out fragrance and with wheat, barley and foxtail millet and even grasses.

A variety of dried flowers that are framed, covered with ornamental glass and put in flower basket to suit the taste and liking of people make the visitors feel a special emotion.

Both the first and second floors decorated with various flower ornaments make everyone feel as if they were in a flower garden.

“It is midwinter outside, but here I feel as if it is a beautiful spring day. Dried flowers keeping their original colours and shapes intact make me feel at home and pleased,” said Ri Hyang Suk, a woman resident in Mangyongdae District.

The exhibits were so vivid that she was quite reluctant to leave the place, she said, adding that she was struck with admiration by the dried flower ornament which depicted two peacocks sitting on a branch with flowers in full bloom, that she was amazed that leaves were used to depict the fine feathers of birds and that she wanted to buy all the products there to decorate the inside of her house.

According to An Son Hui, manager of the exhibition house, they had previously sold fresh flowers only. Now, however, they sell mainly dried flowers as the flowers are in great demand.

However much they are touched, dried flowers do not crumble, and they can be kept long. Therefore, they can be exchanged as a souvenir and decorate a living or office room in a distinctive way. And it is more economical to use dried flowers than fresh ones, and they are useful as they can decorate any place in various forms in a short time irrespective of seasons.

“All the dried flowers are wonderful artworks. They make me feel a special emotion that cannot be aroused by paintings or photos,” said Kim Song Ok, a resident of Taesong District.

The flower exhibition house is a world of flowers in midwinter, and the beautiful flowers the visitors buy bring them fresh hopes and emotions in the new year.

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