After More Than 100 Experiments

The Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has recently developed a tanning agent with raw materials rich in the country to completely replace the chrome tanning agent and established the production method based on it.

Associate Professor Kim Hyon Sil, head of a department, says: “Recently, we have confirmed the method of making natural tannin and aluminium tanning agent with raw materials abundant in our country and invented their combination tannage to raise the heat resistance of leather as high as that of the chrome leather. We manufactured the adjuvants that can be used for tanning and finishing processes by recycling all the waste leather and fur from the leather production and pulp waste liquor from the paper production and thus improved the extension, elasticity and flexibility of the leather. The establishment of the non-chrome tanning method and the recycling of all the waste raw materials from production made it possible to prevent the environmental pollution by chrome, ensure the home production of tanning agent and improve the quality of leather.”

It was not an easy job.

The researchers conducted lots of experiments to find out the suitable temperature and pH condition and the moderate density and mixing ratio of the ingredients.

After more than 100 experiments on the basis of frequent analysis of their results, they finally confirmed the new tanning method by the agent made from domestic raw materials.

The researchers thrust themselves without hesitation into solving urgent problems arising in the reality to develop the tanning industry of the country as demanded by the times. They continue their researches to introduce new scientific and technological successes into production.

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