Building Materials Industry

A Talented Woman Technician

Kim Yong Chun said she started her career at the Pyongyang Building-Stone Factory over 20 years ago, as she was attracted by the scene that massive natural stones were being dressed into a work of art with formative and artistic features.

After graduating from the then Pyongyang College of Construction and Building-Materials Industry, she was appointed an official in charge of technology of the factory. At that time, the factory had not a few sci-tech problems to be tackled in dressing stones. It failed to prevent breakdown in dressing stones and ensure such qualitative indexes as cleanness and lustre of products on a high level.

She made up her mind to upgrade the processing and qualitative indexes of stone products to be used as the finishing materials of structures. But it was not that easy for her to study the task of ensuring the exact size, surface lustre and flatness of stone products.

She read a lot of technical references about stone dressing and continued her experiments, which ended in repeated failures. She overcame her feebleness whenever officials and workers encouraged her to surely achieve success by pooling efforts.

Whenever she was faced with knotty problems in her research, she mixed herself with workers late into the night and toured relevant units in order to find out solutions.

In the course of this, she solved technological problems of mechanical and automatic controlling devices, the major elements of equipment, and manufactured and introduced a grinder, which enabled to shorten the dressing time markedly as compared to the previous period and further improve the quality of products.

Not content with such success, she newly established a colouring process in reliance on locally-available raw materials.

At present, the factory turns out red, brown and black granite products, which are favoured by users for their strong resistance to decolouring and pollution. She has received tens of certificates of sci-tech hits and inventions.

She is a woman of small and frail figure, but her colleagues praise her as a technician who is capable of readily dressing giant natural stones into exquisite stone products.

She says: “A truly patriotic-minded person wants no reward. I only tried my best to be an honourable technician who works for the good of society and collective.”

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