We Are Members of a Large Harmonious Family

A few years ago, a worker of the Car Repair Station of the General Bureau for Affairs with Diplomatic Corps got burnt due to an unexpected accident and was carried by ambulance to a hospital in Pyongyang City. His condition was so critical that it was difficult to guarantee his life. At this juncture, a man came to the hospital before others to see the patient on the deathbed.

He was none other than Manager Kim Pyong Jin (pictured above). Medical workers of the hospital are said to have been greatly moved to see the manager who arrived at the hospital before the patient’s family.

Here is Manager Kim Pyong Jin: “I think the manager must work for the employees. That’s why I was eager to do something for him.”

After his work, the manager sat up with the patient and encouraged him to work together after his recovery.
When he came to work again thanks to the warm sincerity of the manager and medical workers of the hospital, the worker is said to have expressed his feelings as follows:

“Seeing the manager give me strength and courage, I braced myself up. I made up my mind to get over the illness and rise up again for him who devotes his sincerity to me lest I should give up.”

There were so many beautiful stories about Manager Kim Pyong Jin. He gave a new house provided by the state to an old-hand skilled worker. He also prepared wedding tables for young boys and girls.

He paid deep attention to the living of his employees.

Here is Manager Kim Pyong Jin again: “When we show affection to the employees, they understand us and devote themselves to the development of the station with one mind and purpose, I think.

As our station is harmonious with virtue and love, everything goes well.”

They are harmonious like the same family members.

Our society with such collectives forms a large family.

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