Those Who Work at Midnight

There are workers who start work at 00:00 when the citizens in the capital city of Pyongyang fall into sound sleep.

They are the linemen of the streetcar line repair station.

They look round the traffic routes to check and repair the electricity lines for trolley buses and trams so as to ensure their service. They, aboard a repair car, try to find defective elements of the lines and repair them while checking their safety or sometimes overhaul them. They continue their intensive work until just before the start of traffic service. Then, they make their way home at daybreak.

This is their daily routine.

Hwang Kyong Su, workteam leader who has engaged in the job for over 30 years, said: As the repair work is mainly done at night when people fall asleep, the linemen should be highly skilled with a strong sense of responsibility. Such work attitude does not come of its own accord but comes out of genuine attachment to one’s job.

The linemen have remained faithful to their job with a high sense of responsibility that they guarantee the safety of citizens and the transport of the capital city and the awareness that they are the servants of people, even though their work may not be seen or appreciated.

In the course of this, they cherished pride and self-confidence in their job and made devoted efforts for the repair of the lines every day, come rain or shine.

Jong Yong Gil, a lineman, said: People call us the men who take a rest in the daytime and work at night, but we love our job.

Thanks to their devoted efforts, the streetcars run along the routes and the citizens take them to their work.

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