Our Leader Followed by the People 

The Korean people follow the respected Kim Jong Un, calling him “our leader”.

He is making efforts for happiness of the people with the view of life that he has nothing more to desire even though his body may be scattered like the grains of sand on the road for the good of the people.

A groundbreaking ceremony of the construction of 10,000 flats was held in the capital Pyongyang on March 23, Juche 110 (2021).

Kim Jong Un took part in the ceremony and made a speech.

He called upon all to wage a vigorous struggle for the future of the capital which will become more beautiful and magnificent and for their parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who will create and enjoy there a new civilization to their hearts’ content. His speech touched the heartstrings of all people.

A few days later, he conceived a plan to build a modern terraced residential district with 800 houses in the best place on the bank of the picturesque Pothong River, independently of the construction of 10,000 flats. He visited the construction site several times and energetically led the work to build the district into a model of the urban housing construction by promoting the project in a qualitative way.

Kim Jong Un conceived a plan for the people without hesitation no matter how much money might be needed and carried it out unconditionally to make the people happy even though it is as difficult as plucking a star from the sky.

When South Hamgyong Province was affected by downpour, he was concerned about the life of the inhabitants in the damaged area, indicated specific orientation and ways for damage rehabilitation on several occasions and took urgent measures to powerfully promote the rehabilitation.

So a lot of one-story and multistory houses were built and the local people moved into new houses in two months.

When Samjiyon City in the northern part of the country was refurbished as a wonderful standard of mountainous cultured towns and as an ideal model of provincial towns, he was so pleased that he visited the far away city again.

And he said with great pleasure: I was told that the people in Samjiyon City are over the moon. I am very pleased to think that a proud work welcomed by the people has been done. The voices of the people are precisely the general appreciation of the construction of Samjiyon City. I am very satisfied.

In those days, the Korean people were determined more firmly to trust and follow Kim Jong Un.

They firmly believe that happiness and victory are in store for them when they are led by Kim Jong Un who regards them as his flesh and blood and as the God and has the extraordinary determination and will to devote himself to realizing their dream and desire and providing them with pleasure and happiness.

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