Always Thinking of Gold Medal

Behind the sportspeople glorifying the country with gold medals are those people who devote their all to them.

Among them are sports scientists including An Jong Hui (pictured), Deputy Head of the Pyongyang Sports Team.

Dr. An Jong Hui has achieved remarkable successes in sports scientific research and sports medical service while working as researcher and official of the sports team for nearly 20 years. So she is widely known to the sports field.

The greatest of her successes is that she made a great stride in the work for introducing the Koryo medicine into the field of sports medicine.

The Koryo therapy by traditional medicinal materials rich in Korea and by acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and finger-pressure is drawing great attention of the sports field for its great effectiveness in recovering the players’ fatigue, creating their optimum health conditions and treating injuries.

After her painstaking pursuit and efforts, An Jong Hui established a methodology to control the recovery of fatigue and the creation of optimum health conditions on the basis of Koryo medicine.

In addition, she developed a number of programs and equipment needed for guiding the training of players scientifically, which were highly estimated at national sports sci-tech successes exhibitions.

The research findings associated with her speculation and devotion enabled many players to mount the victory rostrums.
For the successes, An Jong Hui participated in national meetings as delegate several times.

She often says to people that the sports scientists always live thinking of gold medal for the motherland though they are not sportspeople and they do not mount victory rostrum.

Supported by such minds, the reliable sportspeople win gold medals crowning the motherland with dignity and honour.

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