Video: People in Flood-Stricken Areas of South Hamgyong Province Move to New Houses

People in the flood-hit areas of South Hamgyong Province moved to new houses.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, being deeply considerate of the people hit by heavy rain in South Hamgyong Province, indicated the direction and ways for the recovery from damage several times and took benevolent measures to make sure that the recovery campaign is powerfully supported.

At the enlarged meeting of the South Hamgyong Provincial Party Military Commission which was convened at the instruction of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, emergency measures were taken to bring the living of the people in the afflicted areas to normal at an early date and a decision was adopted to finish the recovery campaign by the founding anniversary of the Party with the might of the great army-people unity.

Within just two months since the campaign was started, the service personnel and builders of the province built lots of single-storey and multi-storey houses and finished the repair of roads, bridges and embankments, thereby turning the disaster-hit areas into socialist land of bliss.

Meetings for moving to new houses took place in Sinhung, Hongwon and Yonggwang counties and Hamhung City on Sunday.

Present there were Chairman of the South Hamgyong Provincial People’s Committee Kim Yong Sik, officials concerned, service personnel, builders in the province, inhabitants in the areas and working people.

Congratulatory speeches were made at the meetings.

The speakers congratulated the inhabitants moving to new modern houses thanks to the deep loving care of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Licenses for use of houses were conveyed to inhabitants and pledge speeches were made.

People began moving to new houses.

Officials of Party and power organs of the province and commanding officers of the People’s Army units visited families that moved to new houses and shared joy with the owners.

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