Merited Sculpture Production Company

The Merited Sculpture Production Company of the Mansudae Art Studio was inaugurated on November 17, 1959.

Its predecessor was the sculpture department, staffed with some 50 sculptors, under the Central Committee of the Korean Artists Union.

The production company took its first step by creating a grand monumental structure, the Chollima Statue, symbolic of the heroic mettle and indomitable spirit of the Korean people, who were making unheard-of leaps forward and innovations in all sectors of socialist construction.

Sculptors completed within 36 days the execution of the bronze statue, which was the biggest equestrian one in the world at that time and would take more than six months to produce from a conventional viewpoint. The statue was erected at the foot of Moran Hill and was unveiled in April 1961.

The production company became the first winner of the title of Chollima workteam in the sector of art and literature.

Afterwards, it erected another grand monument in the city of Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the victorious battle of Pochonbo organized by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese armed struggle. The Monument to the Victorious Battle of Pochonbo was unveiled in June 1967.

With the production company as a parent body, the Mansudae Art Studio was organized in September 1970.

Since then the sculpture production company made further progress, blazing a new trail in the art of sculpture.

Sculptors created group sculptures and carved images in bold relief for Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, Wangjaesan Grand Monument, Monument to the Phophyong Revolutionary Site, Samjiyon Grand Monument, Tower of the Juche Idea, Arch of Triumph, Monument to the West Sea Barrage, and other monumental edifices erected across the country.

They also produced a lot of ornamental sculptures to enhance formative and artistic features of the Mansudae Art Theatre, People’s Palace of Culture, Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace and other buildings.

The production company was honoured with the title of the merited production company in October 2008.

At present sculptors have doubled in number, mainly being graduates from Pyongyang University of Fine Arts. And they are creditably fulfilling the mission and duty of erecting the monumental structures of lasting value representative of the era of the Workers’ Party.

In the last decade they rendered active services to the construction of Sinchon Museum, Central Class Education House, Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and others.

The company’s sculptors fully demonstrated the Korean sculpture art by building a lot of bronze statues and monuments in foreign countries.

The company has so far produced many title-holders, including Kim Il Sung Prize winners, Labour Heroes, People’s and Merited artists.

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