Hundreds of Hectares of Forests of Economic Value Newly Created

Sunchon City, South Pyongan Province is directing efforts to tree planting.

Last year alone, over 20 units in the city was awarded the title of Forest of Socialist Patriotism.

This year, all the institutions, factories and enterprises in the city pushed ahead with the work to transform forests in their charge into oil-yielding and wild-fruit trees according to the plans for afforestation and conservation and thus created hundreds of hectares of forests of economic value.

The city forest management station secured millions of saplings of good species by putting production on a scientific and intensive footing.

The city Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factory planted many medicinal plants such as Aronia melanocarpa, Amur cork and hawthorn to use their fruits in production.

Many units in the city created tens of hectares of pine nut, black walnut, chestnut, Evodia daniellii and other wild-fruit trees.

Choe Un Ryong, vice-chairman of the Sunchon City People’s Committee, said they would ensure the supply of raw and other materials necessary for the development of local industry and improvement of the people’s living by themselves by conducting tree planting in a far-sighted way.

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