First Stage of the 12-Year Compulsory Education

All the children in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea enjoy the benefits of universal 12-year compulsory education which starts with kindergarten education when they are six years old.

Kindergartens have been built at the state expense in all parts of the country and they have all good conditions necessary for education of the children.

Active efforts are made at the kindergartens to improve the quality of the first-stage education of the universal 12-year compulsory education according to the world trend of development.

Jon Kum Nyo, Chief of the November 3 Kindergarten in Moranbong District, says: “It can be said that preschool education is a very important stage when the human mental faculties start to develop.

The education the children receive at that time has effect on their viewpoint and stand toward the reality.

We steadily update the teaching contents and methods according to the world trend of educational development. In the course, we have achieved many successes in developing the intellectual faculties of the children.

Especially, our kindergarten is a model of the city in bringing up the abacus prodigies.

Always bearing in mind the importance of the kindergarten education, I will devote all my wisdom and passion to developing the education of the children at the first stage of the 12-year compulsory education.”

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