Video: National Fine Art Exhibition Opens

A national fine art exhibition opened to mark the 30th anniversary of the publication of the great leader Kim Jong Il‘s famous work “On Fine Art”.

The opening ceremony took place at the Okryu Exhibition Hall on the 7th.

Present there were officials, creators and students of institutions concerned, fine art studios and educational establishments and working people in Pyongyang City.

Displayed at the centre of the exhibition hall were paintings of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il showing their immortal exploits for the development of Juche-based fine arts including the Korean jewel painting “Saying It Is Good that the Jewel Painting Has Been Developed” and the Korean painting “To Honour the Korean Painting ‘Evening Glow over Kangson’ as a Masterpiece of the Times”.

Presented to the exhibition were hundreds of excellent fine art works including Korean paintings, oil paintings, sculptures and industrial arts created by fine art studios in Pyongyang and provinces by thoroughly applying the Juche-oriented idea and theory of the Workers’ Party of Korea on art and literature.

The exhibition lasts until October 31.

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