Thorough Emergency Epidemic Prevention Posture Maintained in DPRK

The emergency epidemic prevention units at all levels are further intensifying the work for thoroughly checking the inroads of COVID-19 while ensuring perfection in the emergency epidemic prevention campaign, true to the administrative policy of the DPRK government.

The central emergency epidemic prevention unit is concentrating on turning the present epidemic prevention system into a more reliable and developed one and establishing strong discipline and order to make sure that all units and people across the country strictly observe the epidemic prevention rules instituted by the state.

Information activities are dynamically conducted for steadily preserving the public atmosphere for epidemic prevention and ensuring the people’s voluntary unity of action.

The public is regularly informed of the infection routes and danger of the worldwide spread of COVID-19 through mass media.

Emergency epidemic prevention units across the country are steadily intensifying the work for letting the citizens thoroughly observe the state epidemic prevention guidelines and rules of conduct and inform the relevant organs of any abnormal phenomenon, while taking measures for tackling them in time.

Organs and industrial establishments thoroughly disinfect the areas in their charge, equipment, raw and other materials, while scrupulously conducting the educational work for making voluntary helpers in farm fields abide by the preventive discipline.

The public health organs pay attention to further intensifying the medical examination of residents and preventing the outbreak and spread of various diseases.

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