They Benefit from the Sci-Tech Learning Space

The Ryugyong Daily Necessities Factory in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, finds out ways to revitalize production with its own technical forces and puts them into practice.

The factory regularly downloads data from the national network so that the employees can get more and more data in the sci-tech learning space.

Now more than 30 percent of its employees have been involved in the study-while-working educational system for online education. In accordance with it, the factory is mapping out good plans for running the learning space and providing its employees with proper conditions for study.

The use of the learning space enables all the employees to acquire a lot of knowledge needed for production, helping produce inventors.

Operator Rim Jong Guk says: “We made an operating program with concerted efforts on the basis of the experience we got while building a new disposable mask packing process. As we pooled our strength, we could reduce time and exchange a lot of experiences. Brainstorming is really good.”

The factory has finished more than 10 assignments for technical innovations planned this year during the first half of the year. It is now introducing them into production. All these successes are attributable to the proper management of the sci-tech learning space.

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