North Hwanghae Province

Rural Village Good to Live in

Poman-ri in Sohung County of North Hwanghae Province, whose name is derived from its topographical appearance resembling a wild goose just taking wing, has over a half of its area covered with mountains.

After Korea’s liberation (August 15, 1945) from Japanese military occupation, Poman-ri underwent tremendous changes. Thanks to the agricultural cooperativization and projects of realigning land and obtaining new land, a hundred or more hectares of new land was brought under cultivation.

Formerly shrub-covered hills around the village have been turned into orchards of fruit trees, mulberry field and pasture conducive to pomiculture, sericulture and stockbreeding.

Amid the vigorous drive for socialist rural construction, dwelling houses, school, hospital, hall of culture and other buildings were erected, and water supply system introduced.

A small hydropower station was erected on the Sohung River flowing around the village in 2000, and, afterwards, a freshwater fish farm with an area of more than 20 hectares was built near the water spring in the vicinity of the seat of the village.

The water is recycled from the fish farm for the irrigation of paddy and other fields, thus contributing to the increase of crop production.

The village seated in a cozy way—with a fish farm in front and the low hills thick with fruit trees and flocks of grazing animals at the back—offers a picturesque scenery, attracting not only people from all across the country but also foreigners.

People in Poman-ri built new dwelling houses, ri people’s hospital, a health complex and an agricultural sci-tech learning space.

Poman-ri is undergoing continuous changes.

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