IT Industry

Online Delivery Set to Become Daily Life for All

An online delivery system is becoming increasingly popular in Pyongyang.

According to developer Jang Ki Song, section chief of the Pyongyang Jangwon Technology Company, the delivery service system is accessible through a downloadable phone app and enables users to have goods delivered to agencies or individuals.

When a user sends input data required for the delivery such as the phone numbers of the sender and recipient, the name of the article and the delivery time and place through the app, the company accepts the request and organizes a quick delivery in collaboration with relevant units.

The online delivery system not only provides great convenience to customers and saves their time but is also very helpful to revitalizing commodity circulation.

“The delivery system relieves housewives of much burden. I used to spend much time shopping, but now I don’t need to go out much,” said Ri Hye Sim living in Okryu-dong No. 3, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

The system includes some perks, especially for honoured disabled soldiers and handicapped people to whom the delivery service is totally free.

While gaining public credit with its accuracy, rapidity, cost-effectiveness and convenience of transportation, the online delivery system is being constantly upgraded and expanding its range of application.

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