October Holiday of People

October 10 when the Workers’ Party of Korea was founded is a happy holiday of all the Korean people.

Last year, too, the Korean people grandly celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Party as a great auspicious day.

Every day and every step was truly arduous and trying from the outset of last year in particular as unexpected grave challenges and obstacles cropped up. Worldwide health crisis lasted and to crown it all, there were repeated natural disasters. As a result, the people in the afflicted areas had to suffer pains in their life after losing their houses and family property.

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, organized and guided Party meetings to take measures for healing the damages as early as possible and providing the people with a stable life.

On August 13, he held the 16th Politburo Meeting of the Seventh Party Central Committee and said he cannot let the flood victims greet the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK outdoors. And he stressed the need to orient the rehabilitation of flood damage to be an important political work for glorifying the 75th anniversary of the Party as a genuine people’s holiday and revolutionary holiday of cementing the single-minded unity.

That was how new villages were built one after another in South and North Hwanghae and Kangwon Provinces.

In September just before October 10, Kim Jong Un said many people in another damaged areas of North and South Hamgyong Provinces cannot be left to greet the holiday outdoors even though the conditions are difficult and the time is not enough. He wrote an open letter arousing the Party members in the capital city Pyongyang to the campaign for damage rehabilitation.

“… … …
For our great October holiday, let’s bravely advance for a sacred struggle!
Forward, Party members in the capital city!

In a typhoon-stricken area of South Hamgyong Province
Kim Jong Un
September 5, 2020″

The entire people across the country overcame all kinds of trials with one mind and purpose to greet the founding anniversary of the Party under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

At the military parade held in celebration of the founding anniversary of the WPK, Kim Jong Un said: I will cherish it as the highest honour to have, serve and struggle for such excellent people. I solemnly swear once again in this place that I will live up to the people’s trust without fail even if my body is torn and crushed to pieces on the way of defending their great trust and that I will remain faithful to that trust.

The WPK was born for the people and regards it as the way of its existence to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people. Its birthday will be eternal as a genuine people’s holiday.

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